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Welcome to .hack//Birds of Paradise.

.hack//Birds of Paradise edit: crapy coloring on a few pages FYI! ^.^ This is a fan comic inspired by not only two of my favorite characters, but my best friend IRL. It's also my first comic I'm following through on that's more than one page, so bear with any drastic art style changes pl0x! Silabus, a friendly newbie helper who's kind of known a bit in the online game The World comes across a new player and starts to teach her the ropes. Then things start from there....If I tell you all too much it'd ruin the fun! I'm not quite sure how/where I'm going with this, so it might become normal guy/girl. o.0; I've got two different options in my head as to where it could go and I'm miffled >.<It's definately gonna be pg-13 I know that for sure though!

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.hack//Birds of Paradise launches!

Posted by Sylabus
April 14th, 2008, 8:48 pm
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Today marks the momentous date of the launch of .hack//Birds of Paradise! Comics coming soon!

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